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    You see ashes
    We See Answers
    Using Science, Facts and the Codes
    We see answers -- when your client sees the worst day of their life and you see ashes.
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    Fire and & Explosion Investigation
    Origin & Cause Experts
    Fire Litigation Expert
    Certified Fire Investigators
    Fire Code Specialist
    NFPA 921 & NFPA 1033 Experts
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    Finding Answers is easy
    when you know where to look
    Meier Fire Investigation

Meier Fire Investigation. Full Service Fire & Explosion Experts.

Fire & Explosion Investigations for investigation services to Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Industry.

Origin & Cause Investigations

Whether we start at the scene or later on, Meier Fire's Certified Fire Investigation Experts use the science in NFPA 921 to discover what happened and why.

Scene Inspections

Having a Fire Patterns Expert on scene ensures that your case is headed in the right direction.

Expert Testimony

A good fire expert knows the science. A great Fire and Explosion Expert Witness can communicate that science to the jury, opposing counsel and the judge in a knowledgable, approachable way.

Evidence Examinations

You need a fire expert who understands Fire Debris Analysis, what it and can't tell you about the fire and ehat that means for your case.

Laboratory Testing

Our Failure Analysis Experts use our lab to understand how materials burn, what products are made of, and/or how they fail. These answers are key in proving your case.

Expert Reports

A strong Expert Report can advance your fire or explosion case.

Labels and Warnings

Our labels and warnings experts are specially trained to recognize improper safety warnings and products with potential fire hazards.

Fire Code Research

Is there a fire code violation? Our Certified Fire Code Experts know which codes apply and how to recognize if critical violations exist.

Rebuttal Witness

Late case surpises? We can provide NFPA 921 based opinions to rebut opposition arguments and strengthen you case.

Beyond Origin & Cause Investigations

Full Service Fire Experts.

Competent fire and explosion investigation is pivotal in minimizing your loss or maximizing your recovery. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that all investigations are performed efficiently, accurately, and in compliance with professional standards and legal requirements.

We provide our clients with the answers they need to assess the claim or case. Clients can then make informed decisions on how to what steps should be taken next – saving time and money.

  • Plaintiff & Defense Expert
  • Industrial Accidents & Explosions
  • Residential, Multifamily and Commercial Fire Investigations
  • Vehicle, Truck and Marine Fire Investigations
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Insurance Subrogation
  • Product & Premise Liability
  • Arson Defense - Civil & Criminal
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Experienced Fire Investigator
Richard Meier Principal Expert

Fires Explosions Scene Inspections Reports Testimony
Meier Fire has Answers for your client.

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Practice Specialties

Leverage our strengths for your case Success

Our experts have sucessfully investigated fires and explosions of all kinds.

Meier Fire Team

Experienced, Qualified, Dedicated

You need an expert with the right degree, certifications and training. Check, check, check. MFI’s experts have all three, but credentials alone aren’t enough to be successful in court. Communication and credibility are key. We know the science and we know how to present it.

We focus on making complex fire science interesting and easy to understand. The combination of our superior knowledge and great communication skills gives your case an extra advantage.

Richard Meier Principal Expert

Fire and Explosion Investigator
Mechanical Engineering Technologist
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Associate Experts On Demand Expertise

Electric Engineers, Metallurgists
Chemists & More
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Christine Meier Operations/Marketing

Accounting, Scheduling
Marketing, Social Media
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